How to Sell Your House Quickly (Even in the Time of COVID)

How to Sell Your House Quickly (Even in the Time of COVID)

The number of new houses sold in the United States as of August 2020 stood at close to 1,011,000. The figures are surprising considering that the country is still grappling with the effects of COVID-19. For any homeowner hoping to sell a home, this current period may seem like an incredibly tough time to sell a home.The truth is that there’s never a better time than this to sell a home. Housing prices will continue to hold steady in the next year as buyers skive the market for homes. 

Are you looking for advice on how to sell your house quickly during this Corona crisis? 

Selling your house quickly during this period requires a strategy. Here, we reflect on the best ways to sell your home quickly. 

Get a Home Inspector on Board Asap One of the fastest ways to sell your home is to prepare for pre-inspection before listing your home. Even the most desperate home buyer will still insist on an inspection report from a qualified inspector. For this reason, it would make more sense to prepare in advance for inspection. 

Once the inspection report is out, you can fix the things that might become a hindrance to a quick sale. Ensure that every matter raised by the appraiser receives adequate attention. This way, you’ll be ready to sell your house within the shortest time possible. 

Once you know the flaws, you should proceed to work on them before the viewing stage. This addresses any doubt in the mind of a client hoping to buy the property.

A pre-inspection also helps you sell your home at a higher markup. However, the process of an inspection may not be necessary when selling your house as-is to us. At, we buy your house without the complexities involved in the pre-inspection phase. 

Put up the Best Pictures The first place potential home buyers go to when looking for homes to buy is online on the various listing websites. For this reason, it would help to put your best photos forward when looking to sell your house fast. Ensure that your “wow” pictures go first when listing your home on online sites. 

Your photos act as a virtual walkthrough when listing your house. Some clients will only rely on the pictures to decide on whether your home is worth as much. When you put up a chronological slideshow of the best photos of your house, you give the prospective buyers a reason to visit your property. 

Price Is the Deal BreakerThere’s no graver mistake when selling your home than overpricing the property. While you wish to recoup your initial cost of buying or building the house, an exaggerated price is a deal-breaker. Ensure that you conduct market research of the other properties on offer in the market.

Further, make sure you compare your pricing with the houses in the market. This way, you’ll have an idea of the price ranges. When you overprice your property, you stand the risk of delaying your attempt to sell the house sooner. 

The best thing about selling your house for cash to us is that we don’t waste time with negotiations. All we need is to see the house and provide a cash offer in real-time. 

Be Deliberate About Showings  

You won’t sell your house as soon as you would wish unless you’re deliberate about showings. Most clients want to see the house more than once before deciding on whether they would like to buy. You can’t sell your home fast enough if you’re always absent whenever the potential clients want to view.

Home showing is crucial because it enables you to introduce your clients to every inch of the home. Unless you’re lucky, you might need to show your house to a handful of clients before they can decide to buy. However, you don’t need to go through all these hustles.

You could still sell your house to us quickly and easily. All you need is to show us the house, and we shall pay upfront for the home. This way, you shall avoid the hustle of showings and the costs involved more so with the current restrictions related to social distancing and sheltering-in-place

Sell Your House to a Wholesaler This is perhaps one of the best options when driving quick sales in the housing market. While this process is fast, you also need to search hard for a reliable wholesaler.

Wholesalers only need to acquire a contract form you then assign the same contract to the end buyer. You can bet your house on wholesalers given that they have connections to the home markets. All the wholesaler does is to flip your house then sell it to a cash buyer. 

Consider a Top Real Estate Agent Selling your home on your own is the most frustrating thing you could ever do. It will take you more time and money to finally get in touch with a cash buyer for your house. However, if you’re stuck on how to sell your home quickly, it would help to consider working with a top real estate agent. Most top real estate agents understand the dynamics in the home markets. These agents also have adequate information on the diverse home buyers. Working with a top-rated home buyer will guarantee you a quick sale and ensure you get a fair value for your home. 

Sell to a Cash BuyerYour best option when selling a house is to go the cash sale way. This option saves you the burden of having to search all over for a trusted real estate agent or wholesaler. When you’re finally ready to sell your house, all you need to do is to call in our team to inspect the home.It will only take a few hours to inspect and settle on a price. The process doesn’t take long, and you’ll have your cash within a short time. Have you been wondering how to sell your house quickly? One of the easiest ways to handle a fast sale in the housing market is to go for the cash option. At you can now sell your home for cash within the shortest time. 

This Is How to Sell Your House Quickly  Selling your home during the current pandemic can seem like an uphill task. It’s worse when you don’t have first-hand access to information regarding the home market. Are you wondering how to sell your house quickly? 

It would help to consider a cash sale option for all your property sale needs. You may consider these top tips for selling your house quickly today. The best thing about cash sales is that you can sell your home as-is without the complexities of inspections and recurrent showings.

Selling your house is now much more manageable with us on board. Call us today for a quick and flawless house sale process during the Corona pandemic.

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