5 Convincing Benefits of Selling Your Home As-Is

5 Convincing Benefits of Selling Your Home As-Is

Selling homes can be as huge of a hurdle as it is to one. However, it is one challenge you can accomplish when you do it right. While most real estate agents say staging a home sells a home quicker than one that you do not stage, selling your home as-is just as quick too. 

More people are buying homes this year even with the coronavirus pandemic. House sales have increased by 40% compared to last year. You can sell your home now as-is with success.

Still not convinced? Take a look at these 5 benefits you get selling your home as-is and gain profit. 

1. Takes Away the Need to Repair

You might wonder to yourself, “can I sell my home as-is”? Even if the idea sounds appealing at first, most sellers may reject the idea because they believe they will not gain any profit. Homeowners often think that they need to renovate their place or repair certain rooms so they can sell a home without experiencing losses. 

This is risky because there are times you may pay more for the repair than what you sell the house for. There are those who simply do not have money to fix their home, and this is okay too. It costs hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair a home. 

If the expense and time you have to spend repairing do not appeal to you, there’s no need to do it. When you sell your home as-is, buyers are aware of the condition of your home and are prepared to pay the cost of repair themselves. When your property has more value than the house, selling the home in its current state makes sense as the house will likely be torn away. 

2. Offers a Quick Selling and Closing Process 

When you are pressed for time or need money fast, you want to sell your home and close it to collect what you need as soon as possible. When you are doing a general sale, this process may go as because you have to spend more time doing things like renovations. 

The average home that goes on sale gets sold in a month. This can be a long timeline for those who consider several weeks to be very long. Even after the sale of a home, finalizing the process can add to the overall time.

On top of this, when you sell a home the traditional way, you are more likely to experience delays. For example, there are moments the buyer is not able to close on the home because they did not receive approval for a loan. 

When you sell a home as-is, you can close on your property in days. You also have the power to decide on a closing day that works best for you. There’s less financial risk because there is no need for a loan or mortgage approval. 

3. You Will Receive the Liquid Cash You Need

When you are in a rough financial patch, you may want to sell your home as fast as you can. The good thing about selling your property as-is is that you do not have to wait for an extended period of time to get money from loans. You receive liquid cash as soon as the transaction is complete.

You can profit better this way because you do not have to pay any extra money to hire a realtor and pay for commission and other fees. The money you make is yours. 

4. There Is Plenty Of Room for Negotiation

Buyers are more willing to negotiate with you in regards to repair which will make the process of selling faster. Oftentimes, the buyer plans to upgrade the home themselves or fix it and resell it.

 Sellers often worry that when they sell their home as-is they will only receive low offers on their property. This is not true in most cases. The buyer is calculating how much they need to repair everything. 

It helps to understand this and work with buyers to formulate a favorable outcome for both. When you do sit down with the seller to discuss prices, you want to ensure you include the accepted negotiation in the contract. 

Although you may spend a bit of time creating a fair price with the seller, selling a home in its current condition is less stressful. The main thing you do have to do is negotiate. There is no need to deal with open houses and the like. 

5. Weeds Out the Less Serious Buyers 

When you put a home for sale as is, you are already telling buyers that they agree to take the home for what it is, whether it needs repairs or not. Uncertain buyers tend to stay away from sellers who do this. Buyers who know they do not have the money also will not want to speak with sellers who sell their home as-is. 

It is the serious buyers who are attracted to your home. They know the issues they may face in repairs and need to fix it. These buyers may even prefer buying homes as-is compared to traditional sales. You are more likely to find such buyers who are aware of the condition and are more than willing to fix it. 

Selling Your Home as-Is  Can Profit You 

Selling your home as-is fast and without issues is more than possible. Your home does not need to be in a certain condition to attract buyers. You can sell your home on your home and get the cash you need and talk with real buyers that are serious. 

If you need to sell your place quickly and need the money, contact us. We buy any home and property and will give you top dollar for your home. We will work with you to give you a no-obligation offer and pay all associated costs with closing.

The offers we provide are not dependent on a loan. You get the funds you need right away when we wire money to you through escrow. 

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