10 Strategies to Sell a House Quickly

10 Strategies to Sell a House Quickly

Are you looking to sell a house quickly? Whether you’re moving to a different town due to a job transfer, or you’re a real estate investor looking to flip a house, it’s essential to generate interest from potential buyers. The more buyers you attract to your property, the higher your chances of selling the house quickly.

Whatever your motives for selling your home, below are ten strategies to help you sell a house quickly:

1. Use the Right Agent

One of the most effective house-selling strategies is using the right real estate agent. Hiring a real estate agent is the first footstep to selling your house fast. Ensure you hire an agent with a good sales record as they will have a wide-range knowledge and experience in selling houses in your area.

A real estate agent will walk you through the entire home-selling process. They will help you price your house accurately and negotiate with potential buyers. Your agent will also help you hire a skilled real estate photographer to take high-quality professional photos of the house. 

They will also schedule property showings, market the house and create a listing to sell your home.

2. Price the House Correctly

Pricing your home competitively is the fastest way to get it off the market. If the price is too high, the listing will spend too much time on the market without selling. Nobody wants to buy an overpriced house.

Eventually, you’re likely to sell your overpriced house for much less as most buyers will quote a lower price. When working with a real estate agent, they will help you compare the prices of similar homes in your area to come up with the correct price of your home. Correctly pricing your house will help you get it off the market faster.

3. Create a Unique Selling Strategy

Before listing your house or posting it on Instagram, it’s essential to have a good selling strategy. You can have a meeting with your real estate agent and create a strategy that best works for your home. Ensure you consider all aspects of selling the house.

These aspects include the right marketing strategy, how to stage the house, list your property, and the type of buyers you’d like to attract. Ensure you also analyze the market and find out how best to price your house. Remember to also weigh in on whether or not to host an open house.

4. Clean up Your House

One of the biggest turnoffs for buyers is a dirty and disorganized home. If you’re too busy to clean your home, hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean every aspect of the house. It’s advisable to always keep your home clean as long as it’s listed and on the market for sale; you may never know when potential buyers may budge in.

Ensure you clean and organize your countertops, your windows, the garage, the basement, and all your bathrooms and toilets.

5. Remove Any Personal Items From Display

Depersonalization is the process of removing all memorabilia and family pictures from the house. When a buyer walks into your house, you want them to picture the house as their own. Family photos will block potential buyer’s imagination.

Remember to remove any religious or political items and posters, and your kids’ artwork from your house. Any images, posters, or décor items related to you make buyers think of the house as your home and not their future potential home. Give your clients a clean slate and let them imagine their families moving in and making a home there.

6. Open Your Curtains and Drapes

Potential buyers love bright and well-lit houses. Thus, it’s essential to open your curtains, shades, blinds, and drapes to let in sunlight. You should also turn on the lights in any room without a natural source of light. Ensure you place floor lamps and any appropriate lighting source in dark rooms such as basements.

It’s also advisable to always leave your curtains and blinds open whenever you leave the house to run an errand or work. This way, potential buyers will not catch you off-guard.

7. Get Rid of Clutter and Excess Furniture

Do you have too much furniture in your house? Then it might be time to get rid of it. Excess furniture makes a room feel smaller and congested.

If you have too much clutter and furniture in your home, you could rent out a storage unit and keep the furniture there or conduct a yard sale. Remember to also declutter your home by removing any excess items you have and clearing your counters.

8. Stage Your Home for Potential Buyers

No matter how unique your furniture and sense of style are, potential buyers need to work on a clean slate. Buyers can’t consider settling in your home if they can’t envision it as their own. Thus, it’s essential to consider staging your house.

Your real estate agent will help you stage your home for potential buyers using a third-party company. The staging process involves replacing the linens, installing clean and simple-looking furniture to help potential buyers mentally decorate the home with their own items.

9. Spice up Your Home’s Exterior

Your exterior’s curb appeal forms the first impression in potential buyers’ minds. You can’t make a first impression twice; you only have one opportunity. Therefore, make it count.

You can spice up your home’s exterior by installing a new mailbox, painting your front door, and maintaining your landscape. Tidy up our bushes, trim the trees and remove any dead plants and leaves from your property. Remember to leave your outdoor lights on during the night, as prospective buyers may decide to come by in the evening.

10. Make the Necessary Upgrades

If any rooms or equipment look outdated, you should consider upgrading them. Some minor repairs and upgrades could go a long way to help you sell your house much faster. If your bathrooms or kitchen counters and sinks look outdated, you should consider installing new ones.

Ensure you also handle all the necessary repairs before putting up your house on the market. Check all the equipment, including the HVAC unit, to confirm that it runs effectively. Knowing what to fix and what not to fix when selling a house, is key.

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