I Need To Sell My House

I Need To Sell My House

Selling your home is never an easy decision. Whether you’re relocating for work, need to upgrade because your family is growing, or you just need to turn over your investment, we are here to help you every step of the way. Imagine selling your home without the preparatory steps necessary under traditional circumstances. What if there was an easy hassle-free method of turning your house into financial capital when you need it the most? No Realtors, no banks, no haggling. Just a simple straight forward process to get your house sold in as little as one week.

In most markets, it can take weeks just to prepare the house for showing, plus another few weeks or even months of semi-interested buyers parading through your property asking you question after question. Imagine all this under the pressure of knowing you have no choice but to sell your home fast. It’s the formula for a perfect storm of mistakes and miscalculations. The pressure of an accelerated sale can leave you vulnerable to poor decision making and weak non-competitive offers from Realtors and their respective clients.

Our service on the other hand provides a fast sale of your home without any of the vulnerabilities of dealing with buyers and Realtors looking to take advantage of your need to sell the home quickly. Our competitive offers are simple to understand, straightforward and cut out much of the dreadful work of selling your home through the Realtor and buyer system.

Is Selling Right For You?

The reason you are selling your house is entirely up to you. However this difficult decision can sometimes feel like a burden. We sell your home without the burden of traditional home sales. In our many years of selling homes several simple reasons continue to come up in every conversation with our clients. The top reasons that homeowners contact us include:

Financial Reasons – A home is a long-term investment. However, your personal finance structure has the ability to change over time. In many cases your finances increase over time. But in some cases it changes for the negative and suddenly you find yourself in a difficult situation where it’s getting more challenging each month to pay the mortgage. You cannot afford to live in the home at this time and want to avoid further financial downfall by falling into foreclosure.

Life Events – Whether you need to downsize or up-size to a bigger home, life changes over the period of most home ownerships. Downsizing is very common among couples as they get older and children begin to move out. Homeowners then face the struggle of maintaining a bigger house in their older years that they simply do not need anymore. Divorce is another life-changing event we hear our clients tell us. Couples need to liquidate the home and split all assets down the middle. Some families need to sell fast to liquidate an estate of a deceased family member. The last life changing event we hear from most often is when a family begins to grow and now they suddenly realize they need more rooms and a bigger place to raise their families.

Relocation – Sometimes the house just has to go. You won’t be there because you and your family are forced to relocate for a better job opportunity or a mandated company transfer. This is a when a buyer really has to sell quickly because the burden of moving, starting a new job and selling your house can be overwhelming for even the calmest of personalities. Some of us relocate for different reasons such as military deployment or even, imprisonment.

Emergencies – Life can change in an instant. The money paid into your home is equity that in particular circumstances, you need to access as soon as possible. Common examples of this we hear most often include medical procedures or treatments and bail bonds. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you.

Exhaustion – We hear from a lot of homeowners who say they just want out of the house. They have given up on maintaining it, the house is old and are too tired to deal with the hassles of the real estate market. These sellers view the home as a burden and no longer want the responsibilities associated with it. This can be an aging couple, a landlord who no longer wants to wrangle with tenants every month, or they simply want a quick and easy way out.

No matter what your specific reason is, however, we are here to make your life much simpler and take some of the pressure off your shoulders. Sellers should know that there are a solution and service that we provide that makes it easy to sell your home quickly and effortlessly with less stress and more peace of mind. Contact us today and let us do this for you.

Stop Foreclosure

For those that are worried about selling their home because they owe more than it’s worth we can help with that as well. Homeowners that are “upside-down” on their home mortgages can also sell their homes with our service. We will walk you through every step of the process to ensure this is the right move for you. Facing foreclosure? We will put a stop to it. Contact us for a detailed, easy to understand, step-by-step guidance on how selling your home can bring you the financial fresh start you deserve and need in these times. After talking to one of our experts, you feel relieved knowing you have an alternative foreclosure and a chance to preserve your credit in the process. Despite your financial or personal reasons for needing to sell your home quickly, contact us and you will be satisfied with just how competitive our offer is. We want to buy homes and we understand your urgency, but at the same time, we do not want to take advantage of our customers either. We pride ourselves on making respectable offers that leave sellers happy and relieved that they have decided to sell their home through our service. Call us to evaluate your options, provide you with an offer and walk you through every step of the process to sell your home fast for cash while skipping the hassles of transitional real estate such as agents, commissions, banks, and expensive costs of waiting for the best offer.

The True Cost of Waiting
The statistics do show that on average, sales assisted by real estate agents do in fact command a higher sales price. However, these statistics fail to report and take into consideration the costs that the homeowner will invariably incur by using a real estate agent. These costs are routinely glossed over by selling and chalked up to selling expenses that include, administrative, holding, legal, and closing costs.

Administrative Costs: When you decide to sell you should perform a financial audit of the property to determine just how much you money you have to pay off before listing the home for sale or how much money will invariably come off the sale of the house itself. Common administrative costs include closing outstanding work permits, unpaid utilities, city code violations, unpaid property taxes, and existing financing. The more you wait, the more these administrative costs continue to skyrocket.

Holding Costs: Ask yourself. What will it cost to continue living in this house for the duration of the sale? Can I afford to continue living here for six months to a year or longer before a Realtor finds a buyer for the property? These costs can include the property taxes, maintenance fees, repairs, and utilities.

Legal Costs: Not every home sale is a straightforward process. Often, the seller must hire a lawyer to navigate tough legal barriers such as government liens, sales through inheritance or a split sale from divorce proceedings. Either way, these costs are expensive and can be avoided with our service. We make a simple cash offer for the sale of your property without allowing legal fees to eat away at the equity and final net profit of the sale.

Closing Costs: This necessary but burdensome cost is increasing every year. Research suggests that sellers can expect to pay as much as 10 percent of the sale price in closing costs. This mean that if your home sells for $250,000 you can expect to pay as much as $25,000 in closing costs. When we buy your house, we pay you cash. No closing costs. Ever.

Repairs and Utilities: As previously mentioned, if you are going to sell your house with an agent they will want you to make repairs to the home in order to increase its selling potential. While this may net a larger profit in the end, how much you will be required to invest combined with the length of time the home stays on the market (remember the holding costs)? When the dust clears, are you really coming out ahead financially? How much of the money will you recoup in the end? Too many variables to consider, especially when you desire to sell the home quickly. Request an offer from us today and see how much easier we can make the selling of your house really be.

Sell Your House Fast

Request an offer and find out how much you can get for your house!

One of our outstanding associates will review the basic information about your home, assess the size, location, and perform in-depth market research to make you the best possible offer. No preparation repairs necessary when using our home buying service. Plus, there is no profit taken off of the top of the sale for repairs, closing costs, lawyers, real estate commissions or bank fees. We buy homes regardless of their current financial standing. Upside down on your mortgage or facing foreclosure? Remember that we are here to help. So don’t wait, fill out the form or call today!

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